Welcome. These questions are designed to provide you with a comprehensive financial assessment, enabling you to make informed decisions and plan your future.
Lets begin! (Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the "Your OPFP" tool.)
To complete Step 2 Client Questionnaire section you will require information on your financial situation including: income, assets, liabilities, superannuation statements, personal risk insurance policy details, investment documents such as shares, managed funds or options statements and estate planning details. This will enable you to get the most accurate plan in step 4 Your OPFP tool.
Our Budget Planner Tool may also assist you in determining your monthly and annual gross & taxable income as well as your expenses.
One Page Financial Plan

Please respond to each comment and indicate whether you agree or disagree with the particular comment with respect to your current personal financial position. 1 is to disagree strongly with the statement made and 10 indicates that you strongly agree with the statement.

1 Goals & Objectives
1.0I have clearly written and time frame bound goals for managing my finances
1.1I have enough money do whatever I want
1.2I have a team of experts to assist me manage my finances
Sub Total 0
2 Cash flow
2.0I have a written budget that helps me manage my money
2.1I have enough money to meet emergencies and unexpected expenses for six months
2.2I feel that I am in control of my finances
Sub Total 0
3 Investment
3.0I have a written investment strategy that meets my goals and objectives
3.1I am confident in investing my money
3.2I have a well diversified investment portfolio
Sub Total 0
4 Super & Retirement
4.0I know exactly how much income I need in retirement
4.1I know exactly how much I need to have saved up to fund my retirement
4.2I understand superannuation and it’s tax concessions well
Sub Total 0
5 Debt
5.0I have no debt and am not worried about debt
5.1I want to reduce my debt
5.2My debt is in control
Sub Total 0
6 Risk & Insurance
6.0I have enough life and personal insurances
6.1I understand how to calculate the right amount of personal insurance for my family
6.2I know and understand the various types of personal insurances available to protect my family
Sub Total 0
7 Tax
7.0My tax returns are up to date
7.1I understand how the tax system works
7.2I know what my pre and post tax income is
Sub Total 0
8 Estate Planning
8.0I have a valid and up to date Will, enduring powers of attorney and guardianship.
8.1My binding death nomination is up to date in my super fund
8.2My family and beneficiaries know where my Will and estate planning documents are kept
Sub Total 0
Client's Name
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Important Notice to Clients: The Corporations Law requires that an adviser making investment recommendations must have reasonable grounds for making those recommendations. This means that an adviser must conduct an appropriate investigation of your financial objectives, situation and particular needs as a client. The information requested in this form is necessary to enable recommendations to be made and will be used solely for that purpose. Henderson Maxwell accepts no liability for any advice given on the basis of inaccurate or incomplete information. All information contained in this document is confidential and will be treated as such at all times.

Please enter all required personal details.

Personal Details

Client Partner
Marital Status
First Name
Date of Birth
Click here if same as partner - auto populate
No. of Dependents
Age of Dependents
Age you plan to retire?
How important is financial security to you?
Please enter all required employment details.

Employment Details

Client Partner
Occupation Type
Employment Type
Hours per week
Please enter 3 goals and objectives.

Goals & Objectives

These are your loans and your debts. For example: your mortgage, margin loan or investment property loan.





Investment & Financial Objectives

This is your opportunity to put numbers and a time horizon to goals. For example, I want $2m by the time I retire or I want to save $50,000 by the end of next year or I need a retirement income of $60,000 after tax by age 58.
Rank Rank your goals from 1 (highest) to 8 (lowest) Target Value Target Date
Income protection against sickness or accident $
Protect family and assets in the event of death $
Protect against serious illness or trauma $
Retirement planning $
Short term saving (eg property deposit, holiday) $
Long term investments and wealth creation $
Minimise tax $
Reduce existing liabilities $
Are there any investments or insurance companies that you like or dislike?
Do you have any environmental, social or ethical considerations to take into account?
Are any of your investments from borrowed funds?
What services are you looking for from your financial adviser?
Please enter all required income details.


Client Partner
Gross Salary $ $
Salary packaging details
Job Status
Total Gross Income $
Please enter all required details of expenses.


Current Living Expenses $
Emergency funds needed $
Current Mortgage Expenses $
Capital Expenses $
Total Expenses $


These are the items of value that you own. For example house, investment property, shares, term deposits and cash. Please have your latest Portfolio Value Statements and account numbers available.
Details Owner Value
Principle Residence $
Investment properties $
Cash at bank $
Term deposits $
Shares $
Managed Funds $
Other $
Total Assets $


These are your loans and your debts. For example: your mortgage, margin loan or investment property loan.
Details Owner Date Commenced Term Interest Rate Repayments Tax Deductible Amount Owing Add
% $ $
Total Liabilities $

Net Worth (Assets — Liabilities)


You may require your latest superannuation statements and any ETP, annuities and pension statements.
Client Partner
Super Fund Value Super Fund Value
$ $
$ $
$ $
$ $
Client Total Super $ Partner Total Super $
Total Super $
Do you have a Self Managed Super Fund?
Are you expecting any Employment Termination Payments?
Do you have an existing annuity or pension?


Client Partner
Insurer Policy No. Benefit Insurer Policy No. Benefit
Private Health $ $
Life $ $
Income Protection $ $
Total & Permanent Disability $ $
Trauma $ $
Do you require more advice and assistance to secure your financial future for you and/or your family in the event of serious illness, accident or death? If 'No', you are acknowledging that you will take full responsibility for any consequences to your financial situation in the case of serious illness, accident or death.

Estate Planning

Client Partner
Do you have a Will?
Is your Will up to date?
Does your Will include a testamentary trust?
Do you have a Power of Attorney?
Do you have a Guardianship?
Do you have a Binding Death Nomination?
List any entities

Team Details

Financial Adviser



Mortgage Broker

Share Broker

Real Estate Agent
Insurance Broker

Additional Notes

Risk Profile

These are your loans and your debts. For example: your mortgage, margin loan or investment property loan.
For each question please state whether you agree or disagree with the statement on a scale of 1 to 5
1.I am an experienced investor.
2.I am looking to retire soon.
3.I am comfortable taking investment risks.
4.I am comfortable borrowing money to invest.
5.I have been investing my own money for 0-5, 10, 15, 20, 30+ yrs.
6.Volatility on share markets doesn’t bother me over the long term.
7.If my investments fell by 10% or more, I would not be worried.
8.If share market fell by 20% or more I would want to buy more immediately.
9.With respect to working with financial advisers, I would describe my attitude as;
10.My current super is in the following investment choice:
Total 0

01 Team (Assemble your team)

Financial Adviser
Mortgage Broker
Share Broker
Real Estate Agent
Insurance Broker

02 Current Situation (Assemble the data you need and complete the budget planner)

Total Assets
Total Liabilities
Net Worth
Gross Income Before Tax
Total Expenses
Net Income After Tax
Superannuation Balance

03 Goals & Objectives (Establish your (SMART) goals and objectives)

Goal 1
Goal 2
Goal 3
Goal 4
Goal 5
Goal 6
Goal 7

04 Strategies

Strategy 1
Strategy 2
Strategy 3
Strategy 4
Strategy 5
Strategy 6
Strategy 7

05 Tactics

Tactic 1
Tactic 2
Tactic 3
Tactic 4
Tactic 5
Tactic 6
Tactic 7